How to help your smartphone live longer

  We’ve all had the frustrating moment realizing that our phone dies out much faster than it used to. And we’ve all...

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Top 10 Multifunctional Chargers of 2020

  We’re all dependent on power these days. We all have devices that are dear and important to us. And charging them...

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Modern Batteries 101

  For all our lives we’ve experienced using some kind of batteries. Still, they’ve been changing and evolving quite...

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The Starter's Guide to Charging

  Charging has become one of the most present processes in our daily lives. But how many of us actually understand...

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What's The Buzz: Graphene battery

  We’ve heard about something that claims to change the battery world during the last couple of years. Especially...

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How to Save Energy While Charging Your Devices

  In this day and age, we are pretty dependent on our devices. How many hours can we live without our smartphone,...

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