Modern Batteries 101

  For all our lives we’ve experienced using some kind of batteries. Still, they’ve been changing and evolving quite...

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The PhoneSoap Wireless Review

  With the global pandemic and the general awareness of bacteria and germs, it is apparent that we want something to...

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The Starter's Guide to Charging

  Charging has become one of the most present processes in our daily lives. But how many of us actually understand...

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The Perfect Wireless Charger

  It has been a gimmick for several years but is becoming the new norm. Today, it’s one of the first parameters we...

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What's The Buzz: Graphene battery

  We’ve heard about something that claims to change the battery world during the last couple of years. Especially...

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No Battery in the box: What's up with new Apple products?

Are we on the brink of entering the world of compulsory additional payments to get a charger?

After Apple...

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What’s The Buzz: GaN Technology

Today let’s dive into one of the most trendy things we hear regarding the power industry in general and chargers in...

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